Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation in Metro Detroit


Providing families with the safest placenta encapsulation services in metro detroit

Your health and safety is our priority which is why our placenta encapsulation service happens in the heart of your home with a trained and certified postpartum placenta specialist. Your kitchen is the only workspace where our placenta specialists can safely and legally process your placenta (other than a licensed and regulated commercial kitchen). It’s also more than “placenta pills” to us, our services are focused on creating satisfying experiences while helping our clients build confidence. When you have a placenta prep specialist in your home, we’re not only there to process your placenta but to support your family in transitioning to life with your newborn.


It’s about you, not just the capsules.


Encapsulated placenta pills have helped our clients with:

Increasing natural energy levels

Regulating postpartum moods

Breast milk supply boost

Diminished postpartum bleeding

Reducing the risk of postpartum depression


Placenta encapsulation in three easy steps.

  1. Hire Detroit Doula Co postpartum placenta specialists

Let us know you’re ready and we’ll send over your paperwork and a secure payment link via email

  1. Have your baby and bring your placenta home

We’ll provide you with a World Health Organization approved transport kit, step by step instructions and your personal postpartum placenta specialist to help you along the way.

  1. Alert your postpartum placenta specialist and enjoy your baby while your placenta is processed by the highest standards of care

Arrange a date and time for your specialist to begin the process. All equipment provided is one time use or prepared and sanitized with the highest industry standards in mind.