Breastfeeding Services

Breastfeeding Counseling in Metro Detroit


Most families who choose to breastfeed for the first time at some point find themselves at a disadvantage: not only is the mother figuring out how this “whole breastfeeding things works”, but their baby is learning too. It becomes painfully obvious (figuratively and literally) that the way you fed your baby in the hospital, before your milk fully developed, is vastly different than how you need to feed when your breasts are overflowing with milk.


If this isn’t your first time, awesome, you have a good idea about how this all works! Unfortunately, your little one does not and maybe the things that worked last time aren’t working this time.


What can you and your baby do to get through the struggles of the first few weeks?


You could plop your sore boobs into an uncomfortable bra, find a clean pair of yoga pants, locate shoes to fit your swollen postpartum feet into, dress your baby, get the diaper bag ready, put baby in her car seat, load up in the car, and drive to an appointment with lactation professional at the hospital.


Alternatively you could skip all of that and have the professional come to you.


We guarantee our lactation counselors will be available to address your families needs within 24 hours of enlisting our services. A certified lactation counselor will discuss your family’s profile over the phone and schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for your family. Being in the comfort of your home allows you to relax and ensures that your baby will be responsive to help without becoming overstimulated by the bustle of traveling to an appointment. Your lactation professionals will be able to assess your environment and provide recommendations for an optimal breastfeeding dyad.


If breastfeeding is part of your parenting plan get help without the judgement, only with Detroit Doula Co.