Meet the Doulas

With the birth of her first baby, no plans and zero expectations Gina Hodgson and her husband realized the importance of a prepared and supported childbirth. Gina was certain that given another opportunity she would surely need all of the above and that’s exactly what happened. Baby number two provided the certainty that she was destined to guide and support women and their partners as they experience birth and early parenting.


She recognized the need for greater accountability, leadership and wanted to see more doulas and educators practicing without judgement within Metro Detroit.


It was then that Detroit Doula Co was born.


Detroit Doula Co. agency owner Gina Hodgson and her team are fiercely passionate about revitalizing the doula industry in metro Detroit, just as they do the families they support. These powerful women believe metro Detroit families deserve exceptional, qualified, and professional support services for their growing family, and that’s exactly what Detroit Doula Co. provides.

Mary Jo Brown

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Postpartum Placenta Specialist


From early in her first pregnancy, Mary Jo Brown realized the importance of outside support for new mothers and families through her involvement with local La Leche League group. Providing a judgment-free foundation of support is simply what she loves and shines at. Through this encouragement and validation, she is able to help give families the confidence to find their own footing after a new baby is born.
She is a trained postpartum doula and seeks to further train in order to better serve her clients’ needs. As a postpartum doula, she meets the needs of families within their homes and assists them in growing with their newest member. Having three small children of her own has taught her how to best provide this care for others, as Mary is very understanding of the struggles families face and is genuine and responsive to them. She is a calming presence while she is eager to work alongside families of every kind and be their partner as they grow together.
Mary lives in Macomb, Michigan with her husband and three kids.

Jill Daniels

Birth Doula


Jill is a Childbirth International certified birth doula with a passion for helping women feel empowered by their births no matter how it happens.
After the birth of her son, Jill recognized that she was interested in the details of her friends birth stories more than most people were. She desires for women to feel proud of how their babies come into the world and understand that the people surrounding a family during birth will truly impact how they feel. Her 2016 training with CBI taught her to be that supportive and impactful person during one of the most important times in a woman’s life and Jill has loved every moment of it since.
Her other passions lie in her Christian faith and bringing scripture, prayer and God’s love to births when families desire it.

Nicole Hadad, LLMSW

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Infant Care Specialist
Bereavement Doula
Postpartum Placenta Specialist


Since attending her first birth in 2008, Nicole has known that being a member of the birth team was something she had a passion for. She attended her first doula training in 2012 and quickly began pursuing clients. She desired to support and aid women in discovering the type of birth that they wanted and helping them to develop a vision for their birth. She aims to make sure that every woman is provided the knowledge and emotional support that they need to have the best birth possible, no matter the situation.
Nicole is a Certified Labor Doula with ProDoula, and also a Pre-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. Nicole is also a trained Bereavement Doula with Stillbirthday. Nicole holds her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, with a minor in Psychology. She also has her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development.
Nicole lives in Clinton Township, Michigan with her husband Anthony, and their 2 sons.

Gina Hodgson

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Infant Care Specialist
Childbirth Educator


After the birth of her second child in 2009, Gina Hodgson realized the positive impact a supportive birth team had on new parents. From that day a passion to support women and their families during pregnancy and postpartum grew. In September 2011 Gina spontaneously supported a mother in labor, the intuitive and compassionate care she provided gained favorable attention from the attending Nurse Midwife, days later she began formal doula training and has since trained with ProDoula as a certified labor doula, postpartum doula, and infant care specialist.
Gina strives to enhance your pregnancy and postpartum experience with support, evidence-based information and personalized care for your unique family.  Her diverse continuing education, as well as her serene and ‘keep it real’ attitude has enabled Gina to confidently support her clients as they navigate the unpredictability of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and life after baby.
Gina lives in Hazel Park, Michigan with her husband and three children

Bridgette Meitling

Childbirth Educator
Certified Lactation Counselor


Bridgette is a Certified Lactation Counselor and Childbirth Educator with over 4 years of teaching experience. She has certifications with The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice, The Bradley Method, and Rebozo, as well as training with Spinning Babies techniques. Her passion for all things birth related, combined with her serving nature, led Bridgette to pursue a career path in helping families navigate the childbearing years.
The couples Bridgette works with are always grateful for her upbeat, and welcoming personality, and her years of knowledge and experience. Her greatest reward in birth work is helping couples achieve their childbirth and breastfeeding goals.
Bridgette lives in Center Line with her two children, Cambria and Jack, where she stays active with church, PTO, and various hobbies.